Differnt ways to learn massage

For those yearning to become expert masseuses, there are massage therapy Schools in Vancouver that will sharpen your skill to perfection. Being a Masseuse/masseur is an awesome and fulfilling career that can earn you a living. Massage therapy helps alleviate various physical ailments that may cause discomfort. These ailments include sore muscles as well as emotional stress. There are different ways to learn massage, giving a person the skills required to help other people feel relaxed from everyday stresses.

The Audio Learning style

This involves listening to lectures and making notes which can be referred to later. This method of learning massage can also include visual learning aids for a better understanding of certain points. learns who use this learning style, should avoid distracting noises as the concentration is required. Learners can also opt to record lectures rather than writing. The lectures can be reviewed later for better understanding

Kinesthetic Learning

In this case, learners learn from life experiences and performed activities. However, both kinesthetic and audio learners take notes and record lectures in order to retain the knowledge and acquired skills. Kinesthetic learners can also use flash cards to learn massage more easily.

The Visual Learning Style

This learning style involves the use diagrams and charts. Learners who prefer this method, learn straight from a book. Slide shows and images can also be used. This method of learning eliminates the monotony of plain theoretical learning as there are images instead of words to explain certain aspects.


These are some of the ways/styles a person can use to make learning massage easier. The main aspect here is to know what works for you, take your time and slowly learn. Eventually, your massage skills will reach the levels of an expert masseuse/masseur.

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